Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

There are three main types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are utilized across the game. These include Tanks, Heroes, and Ability Cards.

Each of these has specific characteristics and functionalities that can define the chances of victory for each player that engages in battle.


In War Legends, you will find tanks in the form of NFTs. These are combat tanks that are based on the real representation of historical vehicles that were used on each side.

These tanks have different characteristics that will make a real difference when used on the battlefield, apart from just establishing the basis of each player’s role in battle.

Players can define their own destiny with a slow-moving, powerful Gunner-class of a Gier I, for example, or can utilize a much quicker, however, less powerful T-34. They can also support other allies by utilizing a Sherman Firefly; it is ultimately up to the player to decide.


Another form of NFTs is the Heroes, which can play a huge role in the game as well. Players can lead their teams with famous characters from the second world war, and these NFTs include heroes that are designed by the crypto artist known as Gehena.

These NFT heroes all have special abilities that get passively applied to the player at the start of each game, and each of them can define the rarity of the skill slots that allow players the ability to equip higher quality skills before the battle.


Then there are the ability cards, which are ability NFTs which have active skills that the player can pick prior to starting a game. These are limited to the quality of the slots of the Equipped Hero.

Depending on their rarity level, the general statistics get increased.


Within War Legends, there is an NFT loot box. This pack features different probabilities that will give players access to higher-quality NFTs.

This probability is defined by the price of the pack, where in some cases, a minimum of high-quality NFTs are guaranteed.


There will be a native marketplace built into War Legends, where players will be given the opportunity to trade their NFT heroes, NFT tanks, and NFT Ability Cards.

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