War Legends

Official War Legends Whitepaper v. Alpha, last update June 2023


Tank battles, genius weapons and never-ending war, this is the world of War Legends. A military-themed MOBA game developed on the Polygon Blockchain, it offers Play-and-Earn elements and a non-fungible token (NFT) driven economy. The game takes place in a world where WW2 never ended and new impressive weapons and defenses were invented. Join the battle and lead your team to victory using the millions of tank builds and team combinations to claim your rightful title as a War Legend.

The winds of war howl, beckoning the bravest of commanders to fight for their nations they charge into the most storied battles of World War 2, from the blood-soaked earth of Normandy to the frozen tundras of the East front. Amidst the unforgiving deserts of North Africa and the treacherous islands of the Pacific.

The War Metaverse

The War Metaverse is a place of unending conflict, where nations clash in epic World War II battles across land, sea, and air, relentlessly fighting for control of territories and vital resources. To stand a chance in this brutal arena, you must unite as one, hone your skills in nocturnal raids, and fiercely defend your borders. Only the most cunning and strategic shall emerge triumphant and claim the ultimate prize: world domination!


Full Release: 2023 Platforms: PC and Mobile. Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Some of the key features of the game include:

  • A new take on the Moba genre with our reimagined customization and gameplay mechanics.

  • Action-packed Moba gameplay that requires a genuine strategy to achieve victory.

  • Multiple game modes that cater to different players' styles.

  • Unique gameplay mechanics that will engage players consistently throughout each battle.

  • The ability for players to customize their loadout exactly to their playstyle.

Value Proposition:

  • Multiple game modes are available for the players to play with their friends.

  • Flexible models when It comes to monetization.

  • Non-fungible token (NFT) based game and economy that encourages player activity.

  • Unlimited player progression due to the large number of different heroes, tanks and abilities available.

Game Modes

There is a wide variety of game modes available and many of which are aimed at fitting a specific type and section of the players base.

  • PVP - Classic MOBA Matchmaking (4v4)

  • PVP - All random all mid (ARAM)

  • PVP - 1v1 MOBA

  • PVP - Team Deathmatch

  • PVP - Free for all

  • PVP - Bi-weekly 4v4 Tournament

  • PVP - Bi-weekly Challenger Tournament

  • PVE - Weekly Tournament (Preset NFTs)

  • PVE - Weekly Tournament (FFA NFTs)

  • PVE - 4 Player Search and Destroy

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