Growth Model

There are numerous strategies through which War Legends can acquire new players, including:

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) Marketing

War Legends will partner with KOL influencers that have a massive follower count as well as high-profile influencers that have a specific focus on Crypto and Gaming.

SEM and Paid Ads

War Legends will run targeted advertisements on social media as a means of bringing new users and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The team expects to capture many new players through the utilization of numerous social media channels, one of which is Twitter.


Social Airdrop campaigns are also planned to be launched as a means of incentivizing the community at the start of the project.

Press releases

The team behind War Legends is working with a media agency that will distribute the press releases through the most well-known targeted media.

Community & Referrals

As a game that is centered around community, a growth lever will be the virality generated by the early adopters of the game. War Legends will encourage this virality by offering tokens to users that refer new users to the game.

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