War Legends is a tank game that allows players to participate in multiplayer battles of two teams, each team consists of four players. The game features MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gameplay style, which involves strategic planning, quick reflexes, and team coordination. In this game, players can control different types of tanks, heroes and abilities and use them to destroy enemy tanks, towers and their main goal, the enemy base.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this dystopian WW2 action-packed game! The players are in for a fierce fight where the unexpected is expected. War Legends is setting the stage for epic battles that will test your skills and strategy to the limit.

With a wide range of heroes to choose from and various tanks to pick, players can adapt their gameplay style and strategies to gain an edge in the most iconic war scenarios of history.

These virtual locations will bring the players countless epic battlefield scenarios, each waiting to be conquered by the valiant players who dare to enter. But War Legends is not just a mere adaptation of the classic MOBA, it offers so much more, the games are shorter and more packed with action, you design your loadout before you get into the game so all you have to do when a game starts, is focus on the action.


The heroes of War Legends are based on real ww2 heroes and generals and each come with a passive ability while also determining the ability types you can use for your setup.

Heroes and Passive Ability Examples:

  • Semyon Krivoshein - More damage the further your enemy is away from you.

  • Bernard Law Montgomery - Extra movement speed when you are hit.

  • Tomoyuki Yamashita - Turning into a bomb when your tank is destroyed.

  • Juliusz Rómmel - Dealing more damage when hitting enemies from the back.

Abilities There are 3 types of abilities in War Legends, offensive, defensive and utility abilities.

Offensive Ability Examples:

  • Flamethrower - Fire a flame burning multiple enemies at the same time.

  • Artillery Strike - Bomb a large area.

  • Panzerfaust - Fire a large penetrating projectile.

Defensive Ability Examples:

  • Reinforced Plates - Regenerates your shield.

  • Hull Down Position - Generates an impenetrable shield on the front of your tank.

  • Reflective Armor - Send some of the damage taken back to the attacker.

Utility Ability Examples:

  • High Octane - Gives your tank a speed boost.

  • Smoke Bomb - Removes the enemies vision.

  • Intelligence Report - Gives your team vision of the enemies on the minimap.

Tanks The tanks of War Legends come with very different stats. All tanks have 10 different stats and each tank is strong or weak in a different combination than the rest so that there is a tank for every playstyle you can imagine.

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