War Legends


War Legends is essentially a tank game that features multiplayer elements, where players are given the opportunity to participate in battles that consist of two teams, where each team has a total of four players. War Legends is an engaging as well as the frenetic game that features a pure MOBA gameplay style.
The opponents in this game can face off one another in fierce combat in a dystopian World War 2, where the historical events did not take place as all of us expected them to.
Players have a wide range of heroes to pick from, as well as tanks and even skills with which they can adapt their preferred gameplay style and strategies, to get an edge over the battles in the most iconic war scenarios.
There are a total of four different Theaters of Operations in War legends, including:
  • Battle for Normandy
  • The Harsh Winter
  • The African Campaign
  • Hell in the Pacific
Each of these hosts several representative battlefield scenarios that players can enjoy.
Even though the main game mode is an adaptation of the classic MOBA, War Legends also features a wide range of additional game modes.
Each game mode is intended to provide the player with a wide range of gameplay opportunities, including DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Battle Royale, Conquer, and others.
An elaborate ranking system can also keep the community in a constant battle for prestige and respect.
This, coupled with a high dosage of action, entertaining strategy, and the incentives found within the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model, makes War Legends a winning title that can offer each player that decides to engage in it countless hours of fun, either when playing alone, or with their friends.